Socio-environmental Projects

Fishermen Population Cultural Rescue Program

Alagoas and Sergipe States, from the Xingó hydropower plant until the São Francisco river mouth.

Monitoring of the Electric Transmission Line Region of Paraíso/Açu - RN

Management of the implantation of the environmental basic program and monitoring of the 230 kV electric transmission line region, Paraíso/Açu - RN.

Social Communication and Socioeconomic Studies Program - Riacho Seco

Social communication and socioeconomic program, aiming the elaboration of the Environmental Impacts Study of the anthropic segment of the hydropower exploitation of Riacho Seco (Sub/Medium São Francisco).
P.S.: This project integrate social communication and population involvement in the field and census survey at the economic, AID population survey, traditional population, archaeological heritage, Paleontological, social and physical infrastructure (Education, Health) segments. Urban expansion of the areas to be flooded, SIG (geoprocessing) etc.

Chuá Project

Environmental education and recreation project at the Guaratuba, Matinhos and Pontal do Paraná beaches with the Sanitation Company of Paraná (Sanepar). Eco Showers were placed for the beaches. It brought confort and improved the rational use of the water.