Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Inter-Municipal Plans of Asssu and Mato Grande Region In Progress

The inter-municipal plans defined, based on the diagnosis elaboration of Assú and Mato Grande regions, guidelines for the solid waste public management of the municipalities that compose them. The plan's construction counted on the civil society, public managers and private enterprises participation by the workshops performed in a decentralized way at the regions.

Solid Waste State Plan of Alagoas State

Incorporating the regionalization of waste management, The solid waste integrated management plan of the member municipalities of the São Francisco river, the constitution of a solid waste database and the technical and legal support for the first intermunicipal consortium for solid waste management.

Solid Waste State Plan of Pará State

Federation Unit located at the North region (Amazon) that occupy about 16% of the brazilian territory and with the scope of the contract to the elaboration of the study of the solid waste integrated management regionalization of Pará State as the elaboration of the solid waste integrated management state plan, including technical support for the implantation of a public consortium.

Solid Waste Integrated Management Plan of Recife City

Capital of Pernambuco State, Brencorp was responsible for the elaboration of the Solid Waste Integrated Management (SWIM), including the constitution of a solid waste database.

Solid Waste State Plan of Rio Grande do Norte State

The Solid Waste State Plan (SWSP) of Rio Grande do Norte project was elaborated by Brencorp. The elaboration of the disclosure and social mobilization project was part of the project, showing all the metodological strategies and guidelines needed for the implementation, as also the panorama of solid waste of Rio Grande do Norte, the prospecting study, guidelines and references scenario study and strategies for the implementation of the SWSP. All the project was approved by the management commitee, consisting of the representatives of mains enterprises envolved in this subject of the Rio Grande do Norte State.