Management Models Projects

Implantation of a Oil Refinery in SUAPE-PE

Technical pre-viabilization study and socioeconomic impact analysis for the implantation of a refinery in SUAPE-PE and formulation of a strategic positioning for the Pernambuco State Government.

Social Security System of São Paulo State Government

Management and organization model structuring of the social security system of São Paulo State Government.

Multimodal Industrial Terminal of Serra - ES

Conception and Implantation of the management model of Multimodal Industrial Terminal of Serra in the Espírito Santo State

Piaggio Veicoli Europei(VESPA)

Business plan elaboration for the implatation of Piaggio Veicoli Europei operations in Bahia State (Brazil).

Economic Technical Advice to Norchem Bank (Chemical Bank)

Economic Technical Advice to Norchem Bank (Chemical Bank) on the modeling and capitalization operation strategies by real state funds for the Resort Blue Tree (Cabo de Santo Agostinho) and Shopping Centers (River Shopping/Petrolina and Shopping Guararapes/Jaboatão).

Privatization Bandepe (PE) and Paraiban (PB)

Financial and technical support to the privatization model of the state banks - Bandepe (PE) and Paraiban (PB).

Management Models of Public Companies of the State of Pernambuco

Reconfiguration of the management models of public companies of the state of Pernambuco (Convention Center, CEAGEPE, Port silo and Official Press/CEPE).

Management Models of Public Companies of the Government of Paraíba

Reconfiguration of the management models of public companies of the government of Paraíba, State System of public expenses control schedule.

Analysis of the Regulation Mark of Brazilian Electric Sector

Analysis of the regulation mark of brazilian electric sector for the Stone and Webster, Shaw group.

Remodeling of the Environmental Management of CHESF

Specialized service for the organizational modeling elaboration of the environmental segment of CHESF, involving processes diagnosis, organizational structure and management for environmental aspect and adjustments recommendations, aiming the corporate sustainability.

Master Plan Elaboration of Bom Jardim - PE

Execution and elaboration of services related to the master plan of Bom Jardim/PE.

Organizational/Financial Consulting and Accessory

Financial consulting and accessory aiming the resourses viabilization for the refinery beloging to the Amorim Prima realocation process. And also organizational consulting aiming the institutional reconfiguration and redirection of Amorim Prima, mainly in the relocation of refinery and the functioning of coffee factory, including all organizational segments, like environment, production, finances, human resources and strategic analysis.

Management Development Analysis of COPERGÁS

Management development analysis of COPERGÁS for the period from 1998 to 2002.

Organizational and Institutional Model Reformulation of ABEGÁS

Strategic Planning, institutional and organizational model reformulation of ABEGÁS - Brazilian Association of the Piped Gas Distributor Companies.