Announcement of Contract with SECID


The contract between Brencord and City Secretary of the State of Pernambuco was officially announced. The contract consists in the hiring of specialized services for the implementation of basic projects and complete executives projects of the open dump remediation at the cities of Abreu e Lima, Araçoiaba, Igarassu, Itamaracá and Itapissuma.

The contract homologation was disclosed for the Official Journal at May 4th of 2017.

Conclusion of Project Chuá 2016/2017


Brencorp successfully concluded the project Operation Summer 2016/2017 at the litoral of Paraná State with SANEPAR, Sanitation Company of State of Paraná, at March 3th of 2017. The project aimed improve the beach conditions and offer more comfort to the people with 55 ecological showers in more than 10 attendance points with 56 social educators at the main beaches of the litoral of Paraná. The showers uses the water from the water table, that receive a treatment with chlorine and filtration.

The project also worked on the acessibility of the beach with amphibious chairs to disabled people. With special wheels and resistant material, the chairs allowed the locomotion of the people from the sand to the sea.